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How to use the e-Buddies E-mail Trainer

The e-Buddies E-mail Trainer is a self-paced e-mail tutorial that provides audio and video prompts to users as they use their e-mail account. It is our hope that by providing this support, inexperienced e-mail users will gain confidence when using e-mail and achieve greater independence as they progress.

Getting Started

To get started, simply navigate to the Trainer page on and click on the logo for your e-mail provider. In most cases, you will not need to have your e-mail provider's website open beforehand - the Trainer will open it for you.

Next, choose the task that you would like to start with. We recommend that you always start with "How to log in." When you click on the task name, you will launch the Trainer. The Trainer consists of 2 separate pop up windows:

  1. Your e-mail provider's website

    E-mail screenshot
    Click for a larger image.

  2. Trainer Task Player

    E-mail screenshot
    Click for a larger image.

The two windows open one on top of the the another. The Task Player window provides audio instructions with animated video demonstrations for the user to follow in the e-mail window.

After the user has completed a given step, they can press "Next" in the Task Player for the next step. If the user needs to hear the instructions again, they can press the "Replay" button to repeat the instructions for that step.

Quick Start Checklist

Before you get started, here are some things you'll need before you start:

  • Remember your e-mail user name and password! Try our printable E-mail Card so you never forget!
  • Allow pop up windows from in your web browser. This will ensure that your pop up blocker does not block the Task Player.
  • Turn the sound on your computer up; if you are helping someone use the computer, it is very important that both you and the user can hear the audio instructions. We highly recommend using speakers, if possible, but sharing or splitting headphones can also work.

Helpful Hints

  • One-to-one support - While the goal of the Trainer is help promote greater independence, building towards independence is a gradual process. When you first use the Trainer with a new e-mail user, we highly recommend that you go through the Trainer with the new user to provide additional support. As the user progresses, such support may become less and less necessary.
  • Screen Size - The Trainer is optimized for computer monitors with 1024x768 resolution. At this resolution, the two windows will take up the full screen of your monitor. If your computer screen does not run at that resolution, you can still use the Trainer - it just will not fill up your entire screen.
  • Maximizing Windows - When using the Trainer, we recommend that you NOT maximize your e-mail screen when using the trainer. Maximizing your e-mail screen will hide the TaskPlayer and, as a result, you will be unable to use your e-mail and the Task Player side-by-side.
  • E-mail Providers - We are developing e-Buddies E-mail Trainer modules for AOL Webmail, MSN Live Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, GMail, E-mail, AbleLink Technology's WebTrek Connect, and the e-Buddies Community. If you would like us to add a provider, please contact Bill Maurer at

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