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contentsDear Friends,

My mother always made Valentine's Day special. She encouraged us all to make valentines for each member of our family. After eating by candlelight a special dinner she had cooked, my father would open the decorated valentine box. I still remember the fun of those evenings. A few of those darling valentines have even survived the years, and I cherish them as reminders of those happy times.

Because of that tradition, Valentine's Day to me is a celebration of all kinds of love. I like to use this holiday to remind both family and friends how much they mean to me. Taking time to let a silly or frilly valentine speak our love lends a wonderful magic to the cold month of February.

My wish is that you and all of our members will feel love and friendship this day from all of your best buddies.

All the best,

Lisa Marlene Derx
e-Buddies Director

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