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By Carolyn Downes
e-Buddies Program Manager, Massachusetts

The Volvo for Life Friendship Award

Since it has been such a frigid winter here in the Northeast, I was extremely happy to escape this weather to send four days in sunny Florida at the Best Buddies All-Staff Conference, which took place during the second week of January. Not only was I able to catch a few rays but I, also, met and spoke with so many of my colleagues from the different Best Buddies offices across the country. We learned how to spread the message of Best Buddies and how we can educate more people about the fun and exciting e-Buddies program!

But I think the most thrilling news the Best Buddies staff learned about was the Volvo for Life Friendship Award, a special award just for Best Buddies offered by Volvo Cars! This award will be presented to an outstanding Buddy or e-Buddy pair who are a wonderful example of friendship and represent the mission of Best Buddies.

This is an awesome opportunity for an e-Buddies pair, like you, to tell the world about your amazing online friendship. You can nominate yourself, another e-Buddies pair or even a Best Buddies pair; just go to Click on the Best Buddies tab, and then select Nominate. You will be asked to answer five questions about the friendship. It is really easy!

Now, here is the fun part. If you win your e-Buddy and you will each receive $2,500! Also, Volvo will donate $1,000 to your local Best Buddies chapter and $4,000 to your state Best Buddies office. In addition, you, along with your e-Buddy will be featured in the upcoming Volvo Heroes Documentary. Finally, you and your immediate family will be whisked off to New York City to attend the award ceremony in Times Square - all expenses paid!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Hurry - you only have until February 29th, 2004 to nominate yourself or anyone else who is a part of Best Buddies. If you have any questions, remember you can always contact the e-Buddies office or one of the many Best Buddies offices.

Good luck!

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