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By Carolyn Downes
e-Buddies Program Manager, Massachusetts

With Spring in the air, I can not think of a better thing than being outside in the warm, relaxing sunshine. But when spring comes to mind, I can't help but think about how often I am on the Internet and how it makes my life a lot easier.

Always, before leaving the house, I hop on online to check the latest weather report. Should I bring an umbrella or will sunglasses be more suitable for the day?

When out in the fresh air, it so great to see so many flowers and wildlife come out from the long winter's rest. Sometimes, I spot a beautiful spring plant that I have never seen before. I wonder what it could be. So, when I return home, I log onto the information super highway as a spring detective to figure out just what that plant could be.

I love to sign into my email to see if I have gotten an email from my e-Buddy. In his emails, he tells me all the wonderful outdoor activities, like camping and fishing, that he is participating in during springtime.

And we can not forget about America's favorite pastime, Baseball that begins this spring. When I am not able to watch the game at home, I go to to get updated on the latest scores and highlights for my favorite teams.

With work, I can be very busy during the week and before I know it, the weekends come and I do not have any activities planned. I do not want to waste my time by sitting home when the weather is gorgeous outside. The best way, I believe, to find a fun spring happenings, is to check out all the events that are happening in my area online. I, also, check out the Best Buddies website to see if the local Best Buddies office is having a fun event that I could attend.

The Internet has so many helpful uses. It can educate us and keep us informed on our surroundings. And the best part about the Internet is that is allows us to email our e-Buddies!

As with anything else in this technology world, you have to be careful when going on to the Internet. Even when using e-Buddies, you must remember safety and abide by the e-Buddies' Code of Conduct. You should never give your e-Buddy personal information such as your address and telephone number.

Have a wonderful spring, and don't forget to use the Internet as a great resource to help you take full advantage of the springtime.

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