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Can Assistive Technology Help You?

While it may be second nature for some of us, using a computer can present many challenges for others. Assistive technology is anything that can help us overcome these challenges.

There are a number of software technologies that can help make using the computer less of a challenge.

For those of us who have difficulty reading:

Screen Readers can read text on your computer out loud through your computer's speaker.
Screen Magnifiers can make the text on your screen larger and easier to read.

For those of us who have difficulty writing:

Talking Word Processors can read the text that you have written back to you through your computer speakers, while speaking each letter that you type to help ensure that you don't hit the wrong key.
Word Completion Software allows users to write without having to type the whole word, cutting down on the number of keystrokes needed.
Writing with Symbols ( allows users to write using symbols that represent words and phrases.

There are even e-mail programs that combine several of these elements that make sending and receiving e-mails easier and even more fun. Stay tuned for next month's Technology Corner for a more in depth analysis.

For more information on assistive technology, please visit our Assitive Technology Guide at:


AOL Open Mail Access

Hey AOL users! Did you know that you can now check your AOL e-mail through Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, and many other similar e-mail programs? You couldn't before, but now you can! Check it out at:

Have a tech question about e-Buddies? Send questions or comments to Bill Maurer at

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