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All of your e-Buddies questions answered here!

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "The only way to have a friend is to be one." In the spirit of those inspiring words, Ask Emerson is a feature designed to help you be the best friend you can be. Each month, we will select a question or two for responses. Send your questions to

Dear Emerson,

I am an e-Buddy and I really enjoy the program. I enjoy it so much that I want to do more to help. Are there other ways to volunteer, donate, and participate in events? Let me know how I can do more with Best Buddies.

In Friendship,

Amy from Nebraska


Dear Amy,

t's great to hear you are enjoying the e-Buddies Program and want to do more for Best Buddies. There are many ways that you can help. Here are just a few:

  • You can donate to e-Buddies. Go to the e-Buddies homepage and click on donate.
  • We will be having another friend-a-thon this March in honor of Best Buddies month and you can then help us work to raise funds for the program.
  • Visit the Best Buddies website, . You can find out if there is a local Best Buddies office in your area.
  • On the Best Buddies website, you can also find events that will be taking place throughout the year. Look at the list and see if anything interests you.

We appreciate your interest in doing more for e-Buddies and Best Buddies. I hope you find something that suits you.

In Friendship,


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