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Aug 2005

Like maps? Check this out!

Want to see a satellite's view of your city? Your neighborhood? Your house? Well, now you can - Google ( ) has released a cool new web tool called Google Earth!

Unlike other mapping programs, Google Earth uses actual satellite images of the Earth to allow users to explore the world – as it REALLY looks from outer space.

To take a look, you can download a free copy at:

Free Virus Protection!

Don't have virus protection on your computer? Or as your virus protection expired? Have no fear! As long as you have access to the Internet, you can scan and clean your computer for viruses… for free!

Click below to try Trend Micro's House Call:

Panda Software also offers ActiveScan – click below to give it a try:

Beware of Spyware!

Be careful when you are surfing the web – there is all kinds of Spyware out there trying to sneak onto your computer to invade your privacy. Usually, advertisers use spyware cookies to monitor your surfing habits. In some cases, however, spyware can even try to steal your personal information, or cause your computer to malfunction.

There isn't a foolproof way to keep spyware off your computer, even legitimate sites often use it to track your movement, but there are a number of free tools out there to help remove it from your computer.

Listed below are a couple of different spyware removal tools. All are very good, but it is sometimes a good idea to use 2 different programs in tandem, to ensure maximum spyware removal coverage.

Lavasoft's Ad-Aware:

Spybot Search and Destroy:


Have an e-Buddies tech question? Send questions or comments to Bill Maurer at .

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