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contentsTechnology Corner
Sept 2005

Goodbye, summer! Hello, e-Buddies!

Were you or your e-Buddy away for the summer? Haven't talked to your e-Buddy in a while?

If you have a minute, send your e-Buddy a quick e-mail to say hello! Sometimes, a quick reminder is the best way to get your match back up and running!

The e-Buddies Community!

Have you logged into the e-Buddies Community recently? If not, you're missing out on these great features and more:

  • Connect with other e-Buddies participants through the e-Buddies Message Boards.
  • Check on the status of your e-Buddies match, and find your e-Buddy's e-mail address.
  • E-mail your e-Buddy from anywhere, even if you don't have access to your regular e-mail account!
  • If your school or work computer has a firewall that won't allow you to check your personal e-mail, the “E-mail Buddy” tool can be a useful alternative for contacting your e-Buddy.

To get started, please visit:

Add e-Buddies to your Contact List!

Not sure that you are receiving all of your e-Buddies e-mail? Are some messages from your e-Buddy ending up in your junk e-mail folder?

To ensure that you receive all your e-Buddies-related e-mails, be sure to add your e-Buddy's e-mail address to your online address book!


Have an e-Buddies tech question? Send questions or comments to Bill Maurer at .

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