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Beware of Spyware: Protect your Computer!

Spyware is any programming that installs itself on your computer during the course of regular Internet browsing. Spyware is generally pretty harmless, but it can sometimes adversely affect the performance of your computer and put the security of your data at risk.

To combat spyware, try Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware Personal! Ad-Aware is a great, free utility that is designed to scan your computer for spyware and remove it. To download your copy for free, please visit:

Free Internet Access

Need Internet access, but can’t afford the monthly charges? Try NetZero!

NetZero offers 10 hours of free dial-up Internet access per month, per user. NetZero also comes with a free e-mail account, for those who do not have or are sharing an e-mail account.

For more information and to get started, visit NetZero at

Going out of town? Let us know!

Are you going to be out of town for more than a week, and will be unable to check your e-mail? Please be sure to let us know, so we don’t send you any reminder e-mails in error.

We also encourage you to use our “match suspension” tool in the e-Buddies Community. This allows you to tell us when you will not be able to e-mail your e-Buddy. Simply log into the Community, and then click on the “View Status” button to get started. Please visit:

If you do not remember your user name and password, please contact us!


Have an e-Buddies tech question? Send questions or comments to Bill Maurer at

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