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By Priscilla Garza
e-Buddies Program Manager, Florida

This is a feature of the e-Beat in which we will profile an e-Buddy pair every month! If you would like to be profiled, please e-mail Priscilla Garza at .

This month we are featuring Cristin and Cheryl!

Cristin is from California and is matched with her e-Buddy, Cheryl, from Texas. They have just passed their five year anniversary as e-Buddies! Congratulations on five years as e-Buddies! Cristin and Cheryl have both enjoyed sending many e-mails over the past five years.

When asked what she most enjoys about being involved with e-Buddies, Cristin said she most values, “getting e-mails from Cheryl and also e-mailing her back. I like to get e-mails from people.” Cheryl said she enjoys, “getting involved with people [because] I love making new friends. I went into this hoping to meet a wonderful person and to make a new friend, and that's exactly what happened. I [became Buddies with] Cristin and we can't forget Mollie, her dog!”

Besides enjoying getting new e-mails, Cristin said her friendship with Cheryl is special because, “we have a lot in common-we both have a dog, and we like some of the same music. Also, I can tell her about anything, and I know it won't get to anyone else.” Cheryl said that she and Cristin themselves are the special ingredients that make their friendship so wonderful. “We get along so well and we have so much in common that we make it special all on our own. It's so easy for us to talk to each other about anything. That's pretty special when you have a friend like that.”

Congratulations to Cristin and Cheryl, our e-Buddies of the month for December!!!


If you know someone who you would like to nominate for e-Buddies of the month please e-mail Priscilla Garza, e-Buddies Program Manager for Best Buddies Florida at

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