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Free Online Encyclopedia

Need to look something up quick, but you don’t have the latest set of Encyclopedia Britannica with you? Check out the Wikipedia, a free, multilingual online encyclopedia!

The Wikipedia is unique, in that all of the articles are written by volunteers, and can be revised by anybody. The advantage is that the content can be updated quickly when circumstances change, and that the articles can cover almost any topic that is within the realm of imagination, as long as someone takes the time to write an article. You’d be very surprised at some of the things you can find!

The main drawback, however, is that the accuracy of the articles can be inconsistent – it’s probably best not to cite the Wikipedia as a source when conducting research, but the information it contains can be very helpful if you want to learn about something quickly.

Check it out today at:

Free Online Dictionary

Want to look up the definition of a word, but don’t have an unabridged Webster’s Dictionary in your back pocket? Check out! is a free website that pulls word definitions from several different sources, to give users a complete understanding of a word’s meaning – or meanings, as the case may be.

Check it out at:

Free Medical Information

Feeling sick, but you’re not sure what is wrong? Try looking up your symptoms on WebMD!

WebMD is a web resource that allows users to look up symptoms and medical conditions for free. It won’t turn you into a doctor – so please don’t diagnose yourself with a horrible disease if you can help it – but it can help you better understand many different medical conditions. Hypochondriacs beware – WebMD can be VERY addictive!

Try WebMD today at:


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