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Using e-Buddies in the Classroom

Attention special education teachers! Here at e-Buddies, we know that e-mail can be a fantastic teaching tool in your classroom. E-mail provides a means for your students to reach out to friends, family, and the world around them. Increasingly, using computers, the Internet, and e-mail are becoming life skills.

Using e-mail in conjunction with e-Buddies can be a fun way to help your students achieve numerous educational goals on their IEPs. With every e-mail exchange, your students have the opportunity to work on many facets of literacy in a practical setting – this includes reading e-mails from their e-Buddies as well as spelling, composing an e-mail, and responding to their e-Buddies' questions.

e-Buddies can also help your students hone their computer skills, such as typing, using a mouse, and navigating the computer. These computer skills will be incredibly valuable down the road when your students are exploring employment options.

On top of that, having an e-Buddy also provides an additional social outlet for your students, and provides the opportunity to work on socialization skills!

By helping your students develop their literacy, computer, and socialization skills all at the same time, e-Buddies is an ideal venue to for working on manifold aspects of educational development. Free, Safe E-mail for the Classroom

Teachers – are you concerned that your students may be receiving e-mails that they shouldn't? Would you (or your school’s administration) like to have more control over the e-mails your students can send and receive? supplies teachers with free e-mail accounts for their classes. Unlike most other free e-mail services, is specifically designed for the classroom, and gives the teacher complete control over what e-mails each student can send and receive.

Interested? Learn more about at:


Have an e-Buddies tech question? Send questions or comments to Bill Maurer at

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