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By Priscilla Garza
e-Buddies Program Manager, Florida

This is a feature of the e-Beat in which we will profile an e-Buddy pair every month! If you would like to be profiled, please e-mail Priscilla Garza at .

This month we are featuring Ronnie and Becky!

Ronnie is from Florida and is matched with his e-Buddy, Becky, from Massachusetts. They have been matched since November of 2004 and have exchanged about 150 emails!

When asked what Ronnie most enjoys about e-Buddies, Ronnie replied, “I really like being an e-Buddy. It makes me happy, especially when I am helping other people [by] being an example to people like me.” During his time e-mailing Becky, Ronnie has received his driver’s license, been married, and he has learned many new computer skills. He said, “I have learned to read and type using a computer and I surprise myself when I don't make mistakes!” Becky said she enjoys, “how much I have gotten to know someone over e-mail. It's super easy to use, and I feel like I've made a great friend with someone who lives in a different state. Ronnie and I write to each other consistently, and I always look forward to hearing from him.”

When asked what makes their friendship so special, Ronnie replied, “Becky is there for me every week and we have a good relationship going -- I write to her every Thursday. [She] is a good person and works for Best Buddies. She tells me all about herself. She has a lot of friends and has a lot of good times. She tells me about her family, like her sister visiting her and [about] her father's place.” Becky said that her friendship with Ronnie is special because, “we really understand each other. He is always interested in everything I tell him - whether it's about my job, my family, or what I do on weekends, Ronnie always wants to hear more and asks me lots of questions. And vice-versa. We've been matched for a year and half, and during this time he's gotten married, lived through a major hurricane, and has talked extensively about his friends and family. It's so neat to develop a friendship over e-mail!”

Congratulations to Ronnie and Becky, our e-Buddies of the month for June!!!


If you know someone who you would like to nominate for e-Buddies of the month please e-mail Priscilla Garza, e-Buddies Program Manager for Best Buddies Florida at

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