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By Elizabeth Wolford

Best Buddies International will be hosting their 17th Annual Leadership Conference between the dates of July 21st and July 24th. This year’s Leadership Conference will be held at Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana.

Leadership Conference is a once in a lifetime experience that unites students from around the globe. Student leaders from high schools and colleges worldwide will gather to discuss and learn about such topics as; social inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities, communication, fundraising, general leadership, and a variety of other subjects. The discussions and seminar topics will allow the students to develop a detailed knowledge of the tools necessary to successfully manage a Best Buddies Chapter.

Throughout the conference, students will have opportunities to network with student leaders and Best Buddies staff, from their own state, as well as from around the world. This networking and the knowledge they gain from the conference seminars, will provide them with the enthusiasm and information needed to plan and implement their chapter activities throughout the academic year.

Highlights of this year’s conference include:

  • Conference kick-off by Anthony Kennedy Shriver, Founder and CEO of Best Buddies International
  • Musical performance by Brittany Maier
  • Special guest speakers
  • Outstanding Chapter Award Ceremony
We wish our student leaders all the best as they come together at the Leadership Conference and then afterwards as they work to manage their chapters and create quality friendships between volunteers and individuals with intellectual disabilities. Their enthusiasm and dedication will allow Best Buddies to continue to meet our mission of enhancing the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

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