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By Priscilla Garza
e-Buddies Program Manager, Florida

In this feature of the e-Beat, we will profile one of our many fantastic e-Buddies pairs each month! If you would like to be profiled, please e-mail Priscilla Garza at .

This month we are featuring Jack and Mike!

Jack is from Massachusetts and is matched with his e-Buddy, Mike, from Florida. They have been matched for just a few months and have already formed a wonderful friendship!

Jack became involved with e-Buddies through his family’s involvement in Best Buddies. “My son and nieces introduced me to [Best Buddies] a couple of years ago. My son and 2 nieces have been presidents of their local high school chapter. e-Buddies for me was a way to get involved.”

When asked what he most enjoys about e-Buddies, Mike said, “I enjoy being in e-Buddies because I think it’s fun [to get to know] other people who live in other places. I tell [Jack] how I am a wonderful excellent carpenter and I make things for other people and I enjoy that.” Jack replied that he enjoys e-Buddies because he is, “making a difference in the life of someone in a way that is new and different. Although you are not talking directly to or will ever meet your buddy there is still an excitement that you can notice in replies to e-mails. When you are told about a personal accomplishment or just a pasta dinner, it's like you’re part of their life, and its fun.” Jack also said that he and Mike share a special connection. “My father was into woodworking after he retired. He recently became sick and has not been able to do any thing in his shop. When I got paired with Mike it seems like his favorite thing is being in the wood shop, making things for anybody who asks and really enjoying it. This was my father to a tee.”

When asked what makes their friendship special, Jack said, “It's hard to point to one thing that's special. The whole experience is fun and rewarding. Mike's a smart guy that has a lot going on in his life. To be part of that is really cool. We are a fairly new buddy pair but we hear from each other almost every week. For someone to share his life with you, even if you've never met, is special.” Mike replied, “Jack is special to me because he is a very nice person. He thinks I am very talented and that makes me feel very happy inside. I was surprised he is so very nice to me and he didn't even know how nice I am. He is my best friend because I like him and he likes me so very much.”

Jack also wanted to give credit to the people who support Mike. “Mike seems to have a good group of people around him that help keep him involved. He loves to tell me about them, the things they do together, and how they help him out. I think they deserve a lot of thanks from all of us.”

Congratulations to Jack and Mike, our e-Buddies of the month for January!!!


If you know someone who you would like to nominate for e-Buddies of the month please e-mail Priscilla Garza, e-Buddies Program Manager for Best Buddies Florida at

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