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By Elizabeth Wolford

Happy Best Buddies Month! Since 1994, March has served as Best Buddies Month; a time when Best Buddies acknowledges and celebrates the wonderful friendships that have been developed through participation in our various programs.

Best Buddies offices will celebrate this special time of year in a variety of ways. In past years participants have gathered for picnics, sporting events, dances and fund-raisers. Most importantly, those involved with Best Buddies get together to recognize and celebrate the basis of our mission, friendship. At every Best Buddies Month event, regardless of the type of activity, you are guaranteed to find smiling faces, great conversations, fun-times and many friends.

If you would like to participate in a Best Buddies Month activity in your area, please contact your local Best Buddies office or visit to find out what is happening in your state.

e-Buddies is excited to be hosting the Friend-a-Thon in celebration of Best Buddies Month. Participation in the Friend-a-Thon will allow e-Buddies members to raise funds to support the program, as well as to spread awareness about e-Buddies. To find out more about this exciting opportunity, please visit

Whether you participate in the Friend-a-Thon or attend a local Best Buddies Month event, please take a few moments to celebrate Best Buddies Month. This special time is only possible because of participants such as you who have become involved in the programs offered through Best Buddies International. Our participants are truly changing the world one friendship at a time.

Thank you for your involvement! Happy Best Buddies Month!

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