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Each month, we are happy to take the time to highlight a school or agency that is involved in e-Buddies. Our hope is that this will be an opportunity to share some of the challenges and triumphs encountered through group participation in e-Buddies!

This month, we spoke with Lawanda Brookes from The Arc in Downtown Jacksonville, Florida!.

How long has your group been involved in e-Buddies?
My group has been involved with e-Buddies for about 2 and a half years.

How many members are currently matched with e-Buddies?
I have 7 members matched up in my group.

What are some key challenges you have faced and overcome?
I haven't really faced any challenges that could cause a problem. The only thing that I would consider to be a challenge is for those people who want to be a member in e-Buddies but can't due to various reasons.

How do you make e-Buddies work with your group?
The way I make e-Buddies work in my group is by incorporating it with my class. The members in my group are in ABE class (Adult Basic Education) and when they come to class, they do what they do in class and then we do e-Buddies. This has truly worked for me. My students really enjoy coming to class knowing that they will be able to go on the Internet see what message they have from their e-Buddy.

What have your group members gained by participating in e-Buddies?
By just observing my group as they come to class, I really believe they have gained confidence and social skills by participating in e-Buddies, which is a plus with the environment of people I work with. It has really changed all of their lives as a person and individual. I want to thank you all at e-Buddies for allowing this to happen for each of my members. Thanks a bunch.


Do you work with a group of e-Buddies participants? We'd love to feature your group here! Please contact us at

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