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Welcome Back!

The summer is winding to a close, which means that many of us will be returning to school or work, if we havenít already done so. For those of us who were out of touch with our e-Buddies over the summer, that means that itís time to get back into the swing of things!

If you have a moment, and you havenít been in touch with your e-Buddy over the summer, please send them a quick e-mail to say hello! Iím sure that your e-Buddy has a lot of great things to tell you!

If you canít remember how to e-mail your e-Buddy, please contact us!

Add e-Buddies to your Contact List!

Not sure that you are receiving all of your e-Buddies e-mail? Are some messages from your e-Buddy ending up in your junk e-mail folder?

To ensure that you receive all your e-Buddies-related e-mails, be sure to add your e-Buddy's e-mail address to your online address book!

Please click here for more information.

Have a new e-mail address?

Please help us keep our records up to date! Let us know if you have changed your e-mail address recently! This will also ensure that the e-mails you send to your e-Buddy will get through!

If you would like to update your e-mail address online, please click here.


Have an e-Buddies tech question? Send questions or comments to Bill Maurer at

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