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By Elizabeth Wolford

Thank you for participating in e-Buddies and extending the hand of friendship via e-mail to someone who you might not have ordinarily been given an opportunity to get to know. We appreciate everything that you do and it is because of you that our program is able to continue to grow and strengthen. Please remember that as a member of e-Buddies, you are also a key part of the Best Buddies International circle of friendship.

As you know, Best Buddies International is comprised of many state and international offices that manage the programs in their particular regions. Many of these offices host wonderful events throughout the year.

Best Buddies offices hold events for a variety of reasons. They can serve as a way to raise awareness and recruit new members, celebrate the current participants and friendships, or raise much needed funds.

We encourage you to learn more about Best Buddies in your particular area. Perhaps you would be able to attend an event and meet other individuals who are also giving of themselves and their time to Best Buddies. Best Buddies friendships can come in all forms; via e-mail, in-person programs or through gathering at these wonderful events.

If you would like to know what events are taking place in your area, please contact your local Best Buddies office or visit The Best Buddies International website will provide you with detailed information regarding all of the Best Buddies events happening throughout the United States.

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