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e-Buddies E-mail System

As we all know, e-Buddies does not allow participants to exchange real e-mail addresses, or other personal contact information. So how can you send e-mail to your e-Buddy if you donít know their e-mail address?

The answer is: through the magic of the e-Buddies E-mail System! The e-Buddies E-mail System is the software used by e-Buddies to sort and send messages between e-Buddies participants.

The e-mail system protects the privacy and safety of participants by allowing them to communicate with their e-Buddy without giving out your e-mail address, or any other personal contact information.

The e-mail system is also incredibly easy to use. To e-mail your e-Buddy, you can simply send an e-mail to, and your message will be automatically forwarded to your e-Buddy. Thatís it!

For more information on the e-Buddies E-mail System, please visit:

Update your e-mail address!

In order for the e-Buddies E-mail System to work properly, please be sure to register your current e-mail address with e-Buddies. If we donít know the correct e-mail address that you are using for e-Buddies, we will be unable to deliver your messages properly.

If you change your e-mail address, please help us keep our records up-to-date by clicking here:

Junk E-mail Filters

Are you worried that some of your e-Buddyís messages arenít being delivered to you? If so, itís possible that your e-mail provider has mistakenly marked your e-Buddyís messages as spam.

For some tips on how to prevent your e-Buddyís messages from being accidentally marked as spam, please visit:


Have an e-Buddies tech question? Send questions or comments to Bill Maurer at

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