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By Elizabeth Wolford

Thank you to each of you for giving your time to reach out and become friends with someone that you might not ordinarily have come into contact with. We are greatly appreciative of your ongoing support and participation in e-Buddies.

Best Buddies International is fortunate to have many participants that allow us to maintain and expand our many programs. Individuals like yourself who have decided to give of their time and self to develop friendships.

Best Buddies is composed of five friendship programs, including e-Buddies, and one supported employment program. Best Buddies Middle Schools, Best Buddies High Schools and Best Buddies Colleges all create friendships between volunteers and individuals with intellectual disabilities, based on the ages specific to each program. Best Buddies Citizens pairs adults with intellectual disabilities in one-to-one friendships with other individuals in the corporate and civic communities.

Best Buddies Jobs is a supported employment program with the goal of securing competitive, paying jobs for people with intellectual disabilities. The program targets job sites, competitively places individuals and promotes ongoing support and training. This enables people with intellectual disabilities to work as respected individuals alongside others in the community.

For more information about all of our Best Buddies programs, or to find out what programs are available in your area, please visit

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