Best Buddies

Welcome to 2008 and the new version of the e-Beat!

Several months ago we conducted an e-Buddies participant survey to ask for your thoughts on our monthly newsletter, the e-Beat. Many of you sent your thoughts on our existing newsletter and shared your ideas on what you felt should be included in future issues. We greatly appreciated you spending the time to review our newsletter and send us your feedback and suggestions.

As a result of much conversation and your suggestions, we have decided to make some changes to the e-Beat. We will continue to publish the e-Beat on a monthly basis, with some of the columns appearing each time. However, some of our features will be published quarterly. And, we have added some new columns that will be included at various times throughout the year.

So, thank you again and please continue to check the e-Beat on a monthly basis-you never know what interesting tid-bit you might find!

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