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In Your Own Words

By Liz Wolford

We are so excited to offer this new feature of the e-Beat! On a quarterly basis we will be sharing articles written by our e-Buddies participants.

This month we feature short essays written by individuals who participate in e-Buddies through their school in Virginia.

If you would like your article to appear in future issues of the e-Beat, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Any views or opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author. They do NOT reflect the views and opinions of e-Buddies or Best Buddies International.

The Military by Amy H. and Heather H.

The military are out to save America and they look good in their uniforms and they put their lives on the line for the U. S. A. They protect our country and us. They are in Iraq and they could be winning. Soldiers fight for our rights. They fight for freedom. They are great and they are number one to fight for our freedom, from seas to shining seas. The military are good people and good Americans. They military people have to leave their family and go fight the war to protect Americans. The soldiers ride ships and military airplanes. My uncle Jim was in the military.

Nascar Racing by William R. and Matthew E.

Nascar racing is fun to watch. Itís fun to watch them go around the track. They race fast. Some good drivers are Jimmy Johnson, Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon. Their cars have to run good, so they can win the race. They have to be good drivers so they donít wreck.

Football by Coleman S. and Mason M.

Football is hard to play and itís a running sport. It is a cool sport, because if you play good, you can make it to the playoffs. You can make it to the Super Bowl and win a big, cool trophy. Football players have to practice a lot and they have to make sure their helmets are on tight. Football is the best.

George of the Jungle by Catherine H.

He had a kid.
He lives in the jungle.
He loves to swing on trees.
He likes to talk to animals.
He has monkeys that talk to him.
He has a wife.
He has a bird named Tookie Tookie.
He loves coffee.
He likes to play his drums.
George likes to fight.
George has an elephant named Ship.
When he hits a tree he hits his head.

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