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e-Buddies of the Month

Each month, we will profile one of our many fantastic e-Buddies pairs! If you would like for your match to be profiled, please contact us!

This month we are featuring Lynn and K!

Lynn is from Indiana, and her e-Buddy K is from Arizona. They have been matched since 2005!

When asked what she enjoys most about e-Buddies, K says, "I most enjoy the flexibility of the program. I have no trouble fitting this within my busy life and schedule without sacrificing quality. I look forward to hearing from Lynn and really miss it when I don't see an email from her. I know she feels the same." Lynn agrees, and adds, "I like being able to email somebody who lives in a different part of the country."

Both Lynn and K enjoy sharing their lives with each other. Says K, "We are from two very different parts of the country and that always makes for great conversation. She has snow and we are in the 80s (Phoenix). When things happen here that are unusual, like the Superbowl, I want to let her know as soon as possible. I feel that we are sharing bits of our lives that are special."

This pair even enjoys sharing their differences. According to K, "[Lynn] loves football. And I am so not a sports fan - at all. However, her favorite team, the Colts, has Peyton Manning. He is from the South - Lousisiana and has ties to Mississippi, my home state. When I moved to Tennessee, I went to work for UT medical center when he was playing at UT. All anyone could talk about was Peyton this and Peyton that. Now, he is my e-buddy's quarterback. Now, I actually watch football sometimes...and keep up with the Colts. I have to - Lynn loves them!"

Lynn discovered some new facts about the weather and geography from K: "I was really surprised to find out that sometimes it rains mud in the desert." Lynn goes on to say, "It's nice to be able to make new friends who do different things than you."

K sums up her friendship with Lynn nicely: "We enjoy sharing our thoughts of work, such as seeing friends, traffic problems, running late, having early's nice to see how much we have in common. And she always thanks me for being her e-Buddy."

Congratulations, Lynn and K, for being e-Buddies of the Month!


If you know someone who you would like to nominate for e-Buddies of the month, please click here to contact us!

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