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e-Buddies Speak Out!

What is "e-Buddies Speak Out!"? We want to hear from you! So, each quarter, we pose a different question to you -- the e-Buddies Community -- and we publish your responses!

This month, we asked:

"What are your plans for the summer?"

Here's what you said:

Tony T. from New York says:
"My plans for the summer I will play paint ball all summer long. I will ride my 4 wheeler all summer long and in the mud."


Robin F. from Maryland says (via her friend, Debbie):
"Robin plans to attend a summer camp through Christian Records. She has done this for the last few years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Last year it was at Pine Lake in Florida, but it will not be held there this year. There are multiple options, and she is in the process of deciding. The campers participate in swimming, crafts, tubing, singing, and have programs where they discuss the Bible. One of the best activities is a talent show where Robin gets to sing. (She has a great voice!)"


Wendy B. from Ontario says:
This summer i am going to Camp Bellwood. I am going the last week of July and the first week of August. The camp is near Fergus, Ontario. I do many activities when i am there. I swim, make crafts and sing around a campfire. This year I will participate in a walk-a-thon. I am hoping to fill my sponsor sheet. I am looking forward to going. I always have fun. I will also be visiting my parents in Collingwood. We plan to do this in August. I swim with my parents. Sometimes my dad watches us, if the water is too cold. We shop at Zellers and eat out. I stay there for 1 week. It is always nice to be at home. My birthday is on July 9 and this year I am planning a party at my apartment. This will be my first time not going out for my birthday. I will celebrate my fifty third birthday with friends, and maybe my parents. I have a very busy summer planned and it will go very fast.


Aimee from North Andover, MA:
I like to swim in my backyard pool. My family goes to the beach for two weeks. My favorite thing is to boogey board. My cousins also stay at the beach with us.


Melanie from North Andover, MA:
I like to play games like Sorry and Poker. I want to go places with my family. I want to have chocolate and vanilla ice cream.


Joe from North Andover, MA:
I live at Cape Cod in the summer. I go to camp and help with the kayaks. I will see my cousins at the Cape. I run in the Falmouth Road Race.


Justin from North Andover, MA:
I am going to graduate on June 6. I will begin a new school this summer. I am excited! I want to have a cookout at Grampy's house.


Andrew from North Andover, MA:
I am going to Camp Knights this summer. My family is going to the beach. My aunts will be there. I like to ride my bike in the summer.


Brett from North Andover, MA:
I am going to camp this summer. I will sleep in a cabin with four boys. We will play games and sing to the music.


Cassie from North Andover, MA:
I am going to camp and I want to play in the water. We will also do arts and crafts. I want to keep my bird feeders full.


Edna from New Bedford, MA:
We are thinking about going to Nantasket Beach up in Hull Massachusetts. It's about 1-1/2 hours away. I like going to the beach. It's nice up there to just enjoy the day. We pack a lunch and have a picnic!


Do you want your summer plans to be included here? We will be adding more responses all month long. If you'd like to see your included, please send your plans to:

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