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e-Buddies of the Month

Each month, we will profile one of our many fantastic e-Buddies pairs! If you would like for your match to be profiled, please contact us!

This month we are featuring Karen and Alexis!

September marks the end of summer and the begging of autumn. With the seasonal change, the temperature around the country will begin to cool, in some places more than others. The weather may shift and the times change, but there will remain one very important constant: friendship. Karen and Alexis know this well. e-Buddies for over a year and a half, Karen and Alexis have remained friends through many seasonal changes. And, like many e-Buddies' matches, the two friends live in very different places. Nearly 2,500 miles between them, their friendship has remained incredibly strong. e-Buddies had a chance to find out what makes Karen and Alexis' friendship so special, and I think you will agree that what they have is amazing.

It is very clear that Karen has an amazing ability to remain positive, and her happiness brings joy to everyone around her. "Karen has a really fun and friendly personality that is infectious, even through a computer screen. She never lets anything get her down. When life hands her lemons, she definitely makes lemonade, and I love that about her. She is a naturally bubbly and funny person; she really makes me laugh," Alexis praises. She then continues on to say, "e-Buddies is so much fun. If I'm having a bad day, an e-mail from Karen makes me feel so much better." Karen makes sure to note that her friendship with Alexis means a lot when she states, "Alexis is a very nice friend. I love having her as an e-Buddy."

e-Buddies around the world have learned that, even though we do not hang out with each other, the bond created is a powerful friendship. Alexis articulates, "The great thing about e-Buddies is that it's for everyone. It's a world based just on friendships and without any sort of discrimination. ... I was really surprised at how quickly and easily Karen and I became friends. It sounds like an e-mail friendship would be kind of awkward, but it's really not." Karen agrees that her friendship with Alexis was quick to form, because, like all friends, the two have a lot of similar interests. "We have things in common with each other, which makes our friendship so special," Karen affirms. Alexis adds just a few things that they share, "We both love shopping, hanging out, and Disney movies, especially High School Musical!"

So what makes Karen and Alexis' friendship so special? The fact that they truly care about each other. The fact that they make each other happy and pick up each other's spirits when they are down. The fact that they share so many things in common. And, of course, the fact that, as everything around us is changing as time goes by, they have been a constant in each other's life. Alexis concludes by letting us all know how lucky she feels to have met Karen, "I didn't really know what to expect when I signed up for e-Buddies, but I am so happy that I had the opportunity to become friends with Karen."


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