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e-Buddies Speak Out!

What is "e-Buddies Speak Out!"? We want to hear from you! So, each quarter, we pose a different question to you -- the e-Buddies Community -- and we publish your responses!

This month, we asked:

"What did you do over the holidays?"

Here's what you said:

Kristen from California says:

"We got together with my sister."


Amanda from Massachusetts says:

"I was spending time with my family over the holidays. My brothers came for the holidays, so that was great. Also, my sister-in-law and my 1 and a half year old niece came as well. She is cute as a button. So, my holiday week was great. Hope yours was as well!"


Heather from California says:

"I spent time with friends and family over the holidays!!!"


Shannon from California says:

"What I did over the hoilday was spend time with my family and friends. I had a blast! It was a lot of fun on New Year's. I went to my Nana's and spent time with her, my mom, dad, and sister. We played cards and ate for five hours."


Jody from Minnesota says:

"I went to visit my family. How about you?"


Jennifer from Minnesota says:

"I spent the Hoildays with my Family!"


Kenny from Minnesota says:

"I went home for the holidays and saw my mom and dad!"


Gail from Minnesota says:

"I went to Aguatuque, Arizona to visit my sister. It was 77 degrees and she would not let me in her pool because she said it was 'too cold.' I laughed because she used to live in Minnesota. Anyway, it was a really nice time. (I didn't cook at all, either).

I hadn't seen my nephews in years so it was really nice. They also watched this movie (it used to be on TV, and was 10 discs long) called "Dexter". He is a forensic pathologist for finding a serial killer. When he is "checking out" bad guys he kills them. It sounds gruesome, but it really is good. If you can rent it, do, it's really good.


Eric from Washington says:

"Over the Holidays, I spent my time with my family. We had a great time, and I got cool gifts this year!"


Aleasa from Illinois says: says:

"I went to my mom's on Christmas Eve and went to my aunt's house for Christmas. After that, I went to my own house."


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