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Where Are They Now?

On a quarterly basis we will be revisiting some of our e-Buddies matches who were previously featured as e-Buddies of the Month. Each participant will be asked the same set of questions and their responses will be shared via this article.

This month we are featuring Shari and Lauren who have been matched since August 2003. Shari and Lauren were first featured as e-Buddies of the Month in July of 2005. We were able to speak with Lauren about her thoughts regarding her longstanding involvement with e-Buddies and match with Shari.

Why did you first want to be part of e-Buddies?
As a former e-Buddies program manager, I witnessed firsthand the fabulous benefits of the friendship program, and knew it would be mutually beneficial for both myself and the e-Buddy I was matched with. I had the opportunity to work with participants of the program every day, and I knew that e-Buddies positively impacted those who were a part of it.

What three words would you use to describe e-Buddies?
Powerful, supportive, encouraging

How has your friendship grown or changed over time?
I think that with time, we have developed a deeper trust with each other. I feel that I can tell her anything, and she won't judge me. She is a friend for life.

What are some new experiences, memories and milestones that you and your e-Buddy have shared since the last time you were featured?
For me, the last few years have been filled with extreme highs and lows. I lost my father, and in the same year, gave birth to my second child, and Shari was there for me through everything. She, too, has experienced good and bad, and I hope that she feels that I have been part of her extended support system.

How does e-Buddies make a difference?
I think e-Buddies can make a difference on many levels. Like I said, it helps to form friendships that can last a lifetime. It allows you an opportunity to get to know someone you might never have had the chance to meet. Because of e-Buddies, I know there is always someone out there that I can count on. e-Buddies connects people, builds relationships, and creates wonderful bonds. Besides the emotional and social aspect, e-Buddies improves computer literacy, and helps build a technical skill set. There's really no other program quite like e-Buddies, and I'm proud to be a part of it!

Congrats to Shari and Lauren for continuing their e-Buddies friendship for nearly 6 years!

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