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e-Buddies of the Month

Each month, we will profile one of our many fantastic e-Buddies pairs! If you would like for your match to be profiled, please contact us!

This month we are featuring Eda and Judy!

Judy is from California and her e-Buddy, Eda, is from Florida. They were matched in December of 2006. Over the past 2 years Judy and Eda have exchanged over 200 e-mails.

When asked what she enjoys most about being involved in e-Buddies, Judy said, "e-Buddies has given me the opportunity to meet new people and share new things. My e-Buddy and I learn from each other. As time passes, we share more and more personal things. I consider her a friend." Eda replied, "My feelings are mutual in that I have the same love for Judy and being her ebuddy."

When asked what has been surprising about her involvement in e-Buddies, Judy shares, "Eda and I discovered we were both of the same religious belief system. Within that 'system' there is a holiday where one eats special foods. Eda and I both agreed there was one of them we both hated, even if we were 'supposed' to be eating it for the week or not. Neither one of us could figure out a way to get out of this. We also both had a husband or boyfriend who was a different faith, and shared that we both celebrated both Christmas and our own holiday." Eda has been most surprised at how, "Judy sends information regarding things of interest to me."

Regarding makes their friendship so special, Eda commented, "I look forward to reading my email from Judy knowing that it makes my day a better day. Judy responded, "Eda is a special person who never forgets to comment and ask about people I have mentioned that are ill or in the hospital. I found her to be a very, very caring person."

Judy also shared that, "Through the years I have been through many e-Buddies. If Eda ever left the program, I would miss her very much. I feel we trust each other, and share many very personal 'family' things." The feeling is certainly mutual, as Eda said, "Judy is a special friend to me and I would not be happy if she were not my ebuddie." We wish Judy and Eda many more years as e-Buddies.

Congratulations to Judy and Eda, our e-Buddies of the Month for July!


If you know someone who you would like to nominate for e-Buddies of the month, please click here to contact us!

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