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e-Buddies of the Month

Each month, we will profile one of our many fantastic e-Buddies pairs! If you would like for your match to be profiled, please contact us!

This month we are featuring Kim and Kimberly!

Our e-Buddies of the month have more in common than their names. Kim and Kimberly love animals and love to talk about their dogs and cats. They talk about current events and what they do day to day. Kimberly explains, "Really we talk a little bit about anything and everything."

Both Kims view their match as perfect because they have so much in common and were immediately friends. Kim was surprised that she connected with Kimberly so quickly-"I have a hard time letting people into my life and world and Kimberly just kind of fit right in from the beginning and the friendship blossomed."

Their friendship continues to be strong because the two have a mutual respect and appreciation for each other. Both admit to how easy it is to be cheered up by the other and will often e-mail each other daily; they know that they can talk to each other about anything.

This June will mark 3 years of Kim and Kimberly's friendship. The two plan to stay friends for many years to come. "We share a lot of things together and Kimberly being in my life has been and continues to be a very good and positive thing for me."

e-Buddies is excited about the friendship between Kim and Kimberly. Congratulations on 3 years of friendship!


If you know someone who you would like to nominate for e-Buddies of the month, please click here to contact us!

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