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Update from the Field

Each month we will be sharing news from our various Best Buddies State Offices. This will be a great way for our participants to learn about what is happening with Best Buddies throughout the United States.

Lights, camera, Avid!

By Kelsey Wegner
Best Buddies Massachusetts

This past March, Avid Technology, Inc. and Best Buddies Jobs came together to promote the inclusion and integration of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the work place.

Since 1987, Avid Technology has been using the most advanced digital audio and video technology to make movies, TV shows, news, music and commercials on the web, radio and on the big screen.

Avid Technology's Tewksbury headquarters receives a steady stream of packages and mail from all around the world. They process internal and external packages between their three buildings and have highly developed systems for notifying employees of deliveries.

Now, with the help of Best Buddies Jobs participant Jason Brown, they are processing packages and making deliveries faster than ever. The benefits of adding Jason to the Avid team do not stop there.

Jason's supervisor and the Traffic Coordinator at Avid, Jim Calianno, has this to say about Jason's work with Avid, "Jason has become a valued member of our department. He has learned our procedures and is able to complete the department tasks in a timely and efficient manner. He has become 'one of the guys' and interacts with other departments and employees daily."

Finding a perfect fit for Jason within the Avid family is only the beginning of how Avid has impacted the participants of Best Buddies. Avid recently signed on as a sponsor of the Audi Best Buddies Challenge: Hyannis Port, a bike ride event from the JFK Library in Boston to Craigsville Beach in Hyannis Port.

The event features Tom Brady as the Honorary Chairman, a live performance by KC and The Sunshine Band, and a celebratory lobster bake for the riders, runners and walkers supporting all of the Best Buddies programs. For more information on the 'Only 5 Star Ride', please visit

Wednesday, March 3rd marked the first annual Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign sponsored by Best Buddies and Special Olympics. The two organizations came together to stop the use of the words 'retard' and 'retarded'. Avid used this day to spread awareness among their employees that the use of the r-word should be eliminated in everyday language.

Avid, Jason and Best Buddies staff gave Avid employees the opportunity to sign a pledge banner that they would not use the r-word. Hundreds of Avid employees signed, and awareness was successfully spread as people signed the banner and discussed the issue during their lunch break. For more information on the Stop the R-Word Campaign or to sign the pledge, please visit

Best Buddies knows that they have found a great employer partner when Jason has this to say about his new job with Avid - "Avid is the best business I've ever worked for. My job is really fun, the people are friendly and they're always willing to help me out. I'm loving every minute of it."

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