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e-Buddies in Action!

Periodically, we are happy to take the time to highlight a school or agency that is involved in e-Buddies. Our hope is that this will be an opportunity to share some of the challenges and triumphs encountered through group participation in e-Buddies!

This month, we feature our participants from Kodiak High School in Kodiak, Alaska. The group is led by teacher Stacey Street. We thank her for her efforts to bring e-Buddies to her students.

How long has your group been involved in e-Buddies?
Kodiak High School joined e-Buddies in October of 2007! Some of the students currently in Mrs. Street's class have been involved for over 2 years. Mrs. Street heard about e-Buddies over 10 years ago when living in Colorado. e-Buddies has been an essential part of daily life at Kodiak. The program takes place during their English class and it is tied into their writing and technology skills program. By doing e-Buddies as a class, the students are working on their English, writing, and technology skills all at once. e-Buddies helps students with grammar as there are times when dictionaries may be used to look up the meaning or spelling of a word. When typing out the emails, the students are improving on their writing skills. And in terms of the technology angle, it's teaching them to work with a computer. That's definitely a plus in today's technological age, it seems as though everything revolves around a computer. There are currently 3 active students with 2 more to soon follow.

What are some key challenges you have faced and overcome?
One of the bigger challenges, is the disappointment the students feel when they don't hear right back from their e-Buddy. The good that can come from this, is it teaches them to be patient and that things don't always go as scheduled. Working closely with your contact at the e-Buddies office definitely helps move the process along! The e-Buddies staff is here for you to use and to help make the program run smooth. Sometimes an email from one of the e-Buddies staff can get things rolling.

What have your group members gained by participating in e-Buddies?
The students at Kodiak shared with their teacher that they truly look forward to receiving emails from their e-Buddies. The students have gained knowledge about other parts of the country. So much has been learned about different cities, schools, teams, weather, cultures, holidays, and sports in those places. They truly enjoy corresponding with someone that they have not met, via email. The mystery of who they're corresponding with is exciting! The class likes to discuss as a group, the emails that they have received. Getting to know about the lives of the e-Buddies, a true extended friend. To enjoy being able to feel a connection with someone "off island." Kodiak is located on a small island in the middle of the Gulf of Alaska. And as much as they love to hear about other parts of the world, I'm sure that those they are matched with find their little island quite fascinating as well!!


Do you work with a group of e-Buddies participants? We'd love to feature your group here! Please contact us at

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