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e-Buddies of the Moment

Each e-Beat, we profile one of our many fantastic e-Buddies pairs! If you would like for your match to be profiled, please contact us!

This e-Beat we are featuring Erika and Rachael!

Many miles separate Erika and Rachael between California and Connecticut. And even though they have only been matched since September, the connection and friendship these two share, seems as if it has been a lifetime. Erika reached out to the e-Buddies staff about her happiness with her e-Buddy, Rachael. When we received the e-mail from her, we knew they would be the next pair that we featured. We asked each of them to write about their match; what it stands for and what it means to them. Here is what they had to say.

"Even though we are together for such a short time we have a really good connection and we are really close. I do not see an end in sight and I do hope this can last for many years or a lifetime. We have a lot in common like the Beatles, 90s, outdoors, life, films etc. But we like to talk about anything. Like the good, the bad, what's going on in each other's lives and we feel like we can ask for help from each other when needed. We do e-mail each other more than one time a week and we are both committed to this friendship so we know that the other would e-mail and if we are late we are honest on why we are late. It so nice that I have someone that I could have a real conversation with and that there is a place where I can just be myself. My buddy taught me what a real and true friendship is and whenever a friendship like that or a friendship that could last a life time comes around just do not let it get away from you and just do everything in your power to keep it going. I feel like my buddy really understands me and really wants to be my friend for a lifetime. I learned that you have to find the right person that would accept you for who are. I just really look forward to hearing from my buddy and it feels like we are so much the same. Her bright, funny, and fun look on life really brightens my day and keeps me going even if things are hard."

Erika B., e-Buddy since August 2011

Erika and I have been matched for a little over 12 weeks now but our friendship has flourished in ways that she and I are amazed by. In the beginning, our friendship was good but a little on the rocks. I had said something that upset her but we worked through it and she was able to forgive me and I was able to learn something about her. We became better friends through it and realized we could talk about anything, good or bad and still be friends in the end. We were also able to find a lot of common interest right from the beginning. We both love to be outdoors and we love nature. We also both love the Beatles and talking about different movies and music we enjoy. We both suggest movies and books to each other and I love to hear Erika's opinions of things. But we also find pleasure in talking about our everyday lives and letting each other know what is going on in our lives. I'm always very interested to hear what Erika has to say about anything and I would only hope she enjoys hearing the same from me!

"What really made me fall in love with this match is how kind and caring Erika is. She says the sweetest things to me, there has been more than one time that I felt overwhelmed by how genuinely sweet she is. We like to talk about our friendship and how we believe it will last for years and years, forever, even. We both care a great deal about each other and it makes me happy to know that she is happy to know me. She told me once that I am the first person without disabilities that has treated her like a human being. Just thinking about that statement again makes me well up! Knowing that I can make her feel like a person again...the feeling is indescribable. I can't imagine how anyone could not fall in love with her and see the beauty in her mind that resonates so clearly in our friendship.

"I consider Erika a dear friend of mine and I am so thankful for signing up for this program and meeting a truly awe-inspiring person. I would never know such simple happiness if I hadn't joined and been matched with Erika and I would be missing an essential part of my life. I think about her in my daily life just as I would think of any of my friends I know in person and she has taught me so many things about life that could not be read in a text book. I go to school for teaching and I have taken two special needs teaching classes, worked with special needs kids in high school, and I have always loved to be around and learn from people with disabilities because people tend to forget that they are people, too. I didn't come to this program thinking that I would be friends with a special needs person for the novelty or for sympathy or any of that. I came to this site looking for a new friend, someone to connect with, someone to share thoughts with, and someone who sees the world differently and can teach me another way of life that I simply cannot know. By scratching the surface of Erika's mind and getting to know her and her way of thinking a little more every day, that is something that can't be replaced. And that's why I came to this site."

Rachael V., e-Buddy since August 2011


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