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This month the e-Beat interviews Dale, a Special Olympics Athlete from Illinois. Dale has been an e-Buddy for over a year now and was more than happy to tell the e-Beat what he thinks about e-Buddies. Dale likes to keep himself busy by playing with his pet, surfing the web, and listening to music. He also likes to go to the movies, dine out at restaurants, and shop.

e-Buddies: How did you find out about e-Buddies?

Dale: I got involved in e-Buddies through Best Buddies.

e-Buddies: Why did you want to be an e-Buddy?

Dale: I have extremely high hopes that being involved with e-Buddies is the next best step to stop all types of discrimination against adults all over this country permanently and forever. I will work non-stop towards this goal.

e-Buddies: What is the best thing about e-Buddies?

Dale: I find my involvement in e-Buddies an extremely enriching experience. Being involved in e-Buddies can give a disabled adult a definite link to the world around us, which is an outstanding, positive step for disabled adults.

e-Buddies: How would you describe e-Buddies to someone who has never heard of it?

Dale: e-Buddies is the main building blocks to the outside world for us in not only communication, but also jobs and being involved with our political system and also community events and civic clubs in the communities in which we live.

e-Buddies: Describe e-Buddies in three words.

Dale: e-Buddies is awesome, powerful, and great.

Dale also adds, 'Join e-Buddies and open the door to the new world in which we can live together as one.'

Thanks, Dale.

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