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Ask Emerson
All of your e-Buddies questions answered here!

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "The only way to have a friend is to be one." In the spirit of those inspiring words, Ask Emerson is a feature designed to help you be the best friend you can be. Each month, we will select a question or two for response. Send your questions to

Dear Emerson,

I would like to send my e-Buddy a holiday present. Is that allowed?


Dear e-Santa,

That is very nice that you would like to send your e-Buddy a present. Please send gifts to the e-Buddies headquarters, along with a note that includes your full name and your e-Buddy's name. We will then send the gift directly to your e-Buddy.
Our mailing address is:
401 Ninth St., NW
Suite 750
Washington DC 20004

Signing off,


Dear Emerson,

My e-Buddy keeps asking me what I am getting her for Christmas. I wasn't planning on getting my e-Buddy a gift, but now I feel bad. What should I do?

Not a Scrooge

Dear Not a Scrooge,

Don't feel bad about not getting your e-Buddy a gift. Explain to her that it's not polite to ask for presents, and she shouldn't assume her friends will get her gifts. Tell her that many people are on limited budgets, and may not be able to afford gifts for anyone other than family.

Remind your e-Buddy that you and she are exchanging a valuable gift already - the gift of friendship!

Signing off,


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