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This month the e-Beat interviews Jessica, a self-advocate from Nevada. Jessica has been an e-Buddy for a few months and was excited to tell the e-Beat what she thinks about e-Buddies. Jessica likes to do a lot of different things including, play with dolls and video games, and use the Internet. Jessica also enjoys going to school, reading, watching TV, and hanging out with her friends. The e-Beat asks Jessica some questions about what she thinks about e-Buddies.

e-Buddies: How did you find out about e-Buddies?

Jessica: I was searching the net looking for disabled pen pals and it showed up.

e-Buddies: Why did you want to be an e-Buddy?

Jessica: I wanted to have a pen pal who would not look at my disabilities, who would just like me for me and that is what I think my e-Buddy does.

e-Buddies: What is the best thing about e-Buddies?

Jessica: I think the best thing about e-Buddies is having a true friend who might not understand everything you go through but tries their best to understand and comforts you.

e-Buddies: How would you describe e-Buddies to someone who had never heard of it?

Jessica: I would tell them e-Buddies pairs people with disabilities with people who do not have disabilities and they help each other out and send kind things to each over e-mail.

e-Buddies: Describe e-buddies in three words.

Jessica: Rewarding, Caring, and Educational

Thanks Jessica for sharing your thoughts on e-Buddies with us!

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