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table of contentsJanuary 2002

Dear e-Buddy,

Did you know you are making the news? Collectively, you and every other e-Buddy has been featured in print and broadcast media.

In December, Self Magazine mentioned e-Buddies. In early January, Regina Lewis from AOL appeared on the Early Show with Bryant Gumbel and promoted e-Buddies as a way to use the Internet to give back to your community.

The best news, though, is the news we each exchange with our e-Buddies on a daily or weekly basis. I know the information I want most is how my e-Buddy is and what kind of day he is having. I feel better telling him about the moments, small and large, in my own day that make up my life.

For all of us, I hope 2002 brings good news. Happy New Year!

Lisa Derx
e-Buddies Director

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