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Best Buddies Spotlight
By Ginney Robertson

Happy New Year to all of our e-Buddies! This month I want to spotlight the generous holiday spirit of our supporters in Florida. In December Norma and Luis Quintero hosted the 5th Annual Destiny Yachts Winter Wonderland of Friendship. This event raised a record $650,000 for Best Buddies, and saw over 400 people in attendance.

Similar to the Best Buddies Ball held in October, a Spirit of Friendship award was given out. This year's honoree was Stuart L. Cauff. Mr. Cauff happens to be a supporter of e-Buddies, and requested that a representative of the program be present at the event. Lisa Derx, our Director, attended to help spread the e-Buddies word in Florida.

As usual this was a star-studded event. Just to mention a few of our famous Best Buddies supporters, Lucky Vanous, Nicky Ziering, Fabio, and Angie Everhart all attended. Also in attendance was Steven Bauer from the film Traffic. We are grateful to everyone who supported Best Buddies at this gala event.

Ginney Robertson writes the Best Buddies Spotlight article each month for the e-Beat. If you have any questions or ideas for future articles, please contact her at

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