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table of contentsMarch 2002

Dear Friend,

Best Buddies just started a new high school chapter at my niece's high school in Maryland. Emma joined enthusiastically, but then got a little discouraged that she and her new buddy didn't become instant best friends.

I hear this from e-Buddies participants, too. You and your e-Buddy might be exchanging e-mails regularly, but you don't feel a deep connection yet. As with any new relationship, some people hit it off immediately, others take more time to become comfortable with each other. Please don't be discouraged. Keep trying, keep sending e-mails, asking questions, sharing bits of yourself gradually.

As I told Emma, the trying, the consistency, might be the most important thing in the beginning. For faith - faith that you are interested in this person, faith that you will be constant in reaching out, faith that shared conversation will build your relationship - is a strong foundation for any new friendship.

Happy Best Buddies Month!

Lisa Derx
e-Buddies Director

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