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Best Buddies Spotlight
By Ginney Robertson

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Best Buddies has to seek creative means of raising funds to support our programs. We accept donations from individuals, corporations, foundations; we develop marketing programs with corporations; we sell art and merchandise; and we host some terrific events around the country.

Recently, Best Buddies Maryland held their annual Evening of Arts and Friendship. This one event helped them raise $4,500 for Maryland area programs. Held at Johns Hopkins University, the event began with the silent auction. Artists with and without disabilities donated their own unique works of art. While everyone viewed the array of items on auction, light refreshments were served and a small band played. Later, everyone was asked to enter the auditorium for the awards presentation and a production of "Hello Dolly" by the acting troop No Boundaries. The evening was enjoyed by all how attended.

Best Buddies Arizona has recently launched a new initiative in trying to raise funds. They are currently selling a cookbook in which all proceeds go to Best Buddies in Arizona. The artwork and the recipes where all donated by Best Buddies participants or supporters in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The books are being sold in Bashes Grocery Stores for $10, or online at for $11.50, including shipping and handling. This is a new type of fundraising for Best Buddies and hopes are high. If you are in Phoenix, or know anyone who is, look for "The Recipe of Friendship" cookbook.

Ginney Robertson writes the Best Buddies Spotlight article each month for the e-Beat. If you have any questions or ideas for future articles, please contact her at

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