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table of contentsSeptember 2001

Be the difference.

Make a difference.

Connect with difference.

As an e-Buddy, you are doing all of the above:

• connecting, via e-mail, with someone who is different from you;
• making a difference in the life of your e-Buddy, and your own life; and
• demonstrating that everyone has the power to be the difference that changes our world.

Making a difference everyday is what we are striving to do as e-Buddies grows. The trick is to involve more people while also creating a sense of community among our members. We'll be telling you more in the coming months about our plans to do just that.

We've added a new section to the e-Beat, the Best Buddies Spotlight. Each month, we'll tell you about something new and interesting in the world of Best Buddies.

My e-Buddy, Dan, recently reminded me: "e-Buddies is working great things every day." And so we are, thanks to you.

Lisa Derx
e-Buddies Director
Best Buddies International

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