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Best Buddies Spotlight
By Ginney Robertson

Did you know that e-Buddies is part of a larger organization called Best Buddies International? e-Buddies is just one of the five friendship programs offered by Best Buddies.

Best Buddies has three different school level programs: Best Buddies Middle Schools, Best Buddies High Schools, and Best Buddies Colleges. There are almost 30 middle school test chapters, over 300 high school chapters, and 300 college chapters. We also have a Citizens Program for those participants who have finished school. All of these programs offer one-to-one, in person friendships between people with and without mental retardation.

Best Buddies Jobs is the supported employment program offered by Best Buddies. Best Buddies has helped over 100 individuals with mental retardation locate and maintain competitive jobs in Miami, Boston, and Los Angeles. Best Buddies Jobs provides the support and training an individual may need to maintain a position that allows them to earn income, pay taxes, and work in the community in which they live.

Visit the Best Buddies web site at to learn more about what Best Buddies has to offer or if there is a program in your local area. Are you interested in starting a Best Buddies chapter near you? Contact Tiffany Cannava at

Ginney Robertson writes the Best Buddies Spotlight article each month for the e-Beat. If you have any questions or ideas for future articles, please contact her at

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