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Autumn is almost here. For many of us, this means that temperatures will begin to drop and soon after, so will the leaves. While the summer may be coming to an end, the new season brings with it many new beginnings.

For all the students out there, it's time to get ready for yet another year of school. The baseball season is winding down, but football fever is kicking in for all you sports fans, and the new hockey and basketball seasons are not too far behind.

What does the fall bring for your e-Buddy?

You could ask:
What is your favorite season? Does it get cold during the autumn where you live? Do the leaves change colors? Are you in school? What classes are you taking in school? Do you like to watch sports? What's your favorite sport? Who is your favorite team?

Have you had a great conversation with your e-Buddy about something? Have some ideas for questions that get the talk going? Send your ideas for Conversation Starters to Bill Maurer at

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