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e-Buddies Documents

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e-Buddies Fliers

What is e-Buddies? - FAQ
General informational flier that answers some commonly asked questions about e-Buddies.

What is e-Buddies? - for Teachers
General e-Buddies flier for special education teachers.

Is e-Buddies Safe?
Info sheet for parents, teachers, and host site administrators that outlines the safety precautions that Best Buddies takes to make e-Buddies safe.

e-Buddies Brochure
Color trifold brochure detailing the e-Buddies program and benefits.

e-Buddies Info Sheet
General info flier detailing the how the e-Buddies program works and its benefits.

e-Buddies Info Sheet 2
General info flier focusing on how online accessibility is achieved through the e-Buddies program.

Studies Show...
General info flier stating how e-Buddies meets the needs of participants with disabilities; includes testimonials from e-Buddies participants and special education teachers.

e-Buddies Fast Facts For Agencies
A brochure for staff members at a community agency that serves people with intellectual disabilities who would like an overview of e-Buddies.

e-Buddies Fast Facts For Parents
A brochure for parents who would like an overview of e-Buddies.

e-Buddies Fast Facts For Teachers
A brochure for special education teachers who would like an overview of e-Buddies.

e-Buddies Group Administration
Info sheet for teachers and host site administrators that explains how to sign up a group for e-Buddies.

e-Buddies Forms

e-Buddies Consent Form
A printable consent form for e-Buddies, for teachers and support staff who do not have their own standard consent forms at their school or agency.

e-Buddies E-mail Card
A printable form designed to help participants, teachers, and support staff remember their e-mail account login information.

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