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Frequently Asked Questions:
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  1. I have never had an e-mail friend before, what do I do?
    This friendship can be just like any other friendship you have; except it takes place through e-mail. Remember, you and your e-Buddy were matched because you are interested in some of the same things. That way you can start e-mailing your e-Buddy to discuss those interests. Just remember; be yourself, write about things that interest you and ask a lot of questions!

  2. I have never communicated with someone with a disability before, what types of e-mails should I send?
    The key to communicating with your e-Buddy is to let them set the tone for your e-mails. It is probably best to keep the first e-mail short and simple. In the first e-mail share some information about yourself and also ask them some questions. Once you receive a response from your e-Buddy you will be able to develop a better sense of what length and type of e-mails you will be exchanging.

  3. Are there key things that I should find out about my e-Buddy in the beginning of our e-mail friendship?
    Where does your e-Buddy use the computer and how often are they able to check their e-mail? This will provide you with a better understanding of how often you can expect to hear from your e-Buddy.

  4. How much information about myself do I need to share with my e-Buddy?
    There are no specifications on the amount or type of information that you need to share with your e-Buddy. The goal of e-Buddies is to develop a quality friendship through e-mail. It is up to you and your e-Buddy to determine what type of friendship that will be. You should take it at the pace that you feel most comfortable with. If your e-Buddy asks questions that you are not comfortable responding to, you should reply to your e-Buddy that you are just not ready to discuss that information at this point. Then, steer the conversation to something that you are more comfortable discussing. e-Buddies requires that you not share your phone number, mailing address and personal e-mail address with your e-Buddy.

  5. What happens if I am not able to e-mail my e-Buddy every week?
    e-Buddies requires you to e-mail your e-Buddy once per week. However, on occasion situations do arise that prevent this from happening (i.e. vacation, illness, etc.). If you know in advance that you will not be able to e-mail your e-Buddy in a particular week, let them know. If you do not know in advance and you miss a week, simply explain why in your next e-mail. In general, you should make it a priority to e-mail your e-Buddy once per week.

  6. If my e-Buddy does not e-mail me, should I still send them e-mail?
    The e-Buddies commitment requires you to e-mail your e-Buddy once per week. It is extremely important that you make writing an e-mail to your e-Buddy part of your weekly schedule. For example, make every Monday write your e-Buddy day. Sending weekly e-mails will allow you to maintain your e-Buddies commitment and let your e-Buddy know that you are thinking about them.

  7. How do I get a conversation started with my e-Buddy?
    Conversations through an e-mail friendship can be started the same way they are through other friendships. Each month the e-Beat, found at, provides suggestions for conversation starters. Referring to that once per month will provide you with new and interesting ways to start a conversation with your e-Buddy in an effort to learn new things about them. For starters, some ideas include: Favorite holidays, seasons, sports, movies, TV shows, music, family, pets, hobbies, vacations, and food.

  8. What if I want to send my e-Buddy a gift (for a birthday, Christmas, etc.)?
    For safety concerns, e-Buddies are not permitted to exchange gifts.

  9. My e-mails are going through to my e-Buddy with a bunch of numbers and letters instead of what I wrote. What can I do?
    We are currently working on this glitch. Try sending a new message to your e-Buddy instead of replying to your e-Buddy's last e-mail. You can also send your messages through the E-mail Center in the e-Buddies Community.

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