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How to use Group Administration

The Group Administration Tool will help you manage and monitor your group's participation in e-Buddies by giving you access to real-time data regarding their e-Buddies matches.

The Group Administration area of will allow you to:

Logging In

To access the e-Buddies Group Administration Tool, simply click on the "Group Administration" button on the main menu, or visit this link:

You will be prompted for your user name and password. When you created a group profile using an e-Buddies Group Application, you should have received an e-mail with your group's login information. Please use the user name and password provided in that e-mail here.

If you have created a profile, but did not receive an e-mail with your user name and password, please contact us.

Note: Your password is case-sensitive, so please note which letters are capitals and which are lower case.

Group Admin Home

Once you have logged into the Group Administrator, you will be presented with the following options:

Manage Members

Manage Members is the most important section of the Group Administrator. Here are several features with which you will want to familiarize yourself:

See below for more details.

Manage Members: Your Roster

Your group's roster is displayed on the main Manage Members screen. The roster will list the following information:

Why is my participant's match listed as a "Match Problem?"

Why is my participant's match listed as "Suspended?"

Manage Members: Member Info

To view a participant's member info, please click on his/her name on your roster. This section will allow you to view and update the following information for your participant:

Manage Members: View E-mails

You can view the e-mail sent and received by your matched participants and their current e-Buddy by clicking on the links under "# of E-mails Sent" and "# of E-mails Received."

Manage Members: Add New Members

Click on the "Please click here to add a new participant to your group" to add new participants to your group. This link will take you directly to the abbreviated Group Participant Application.

Manage Members: Past Participants

If you have indicated that a participant has left your group under "Member Info," you can view his/her records here.

Note: Indicating that a participant has left your group will NOT automatically end his/her match. In some cases, participants plan to continue participation on their own. Indicating that he/she has left the group simply removes him/her from your active roster.

Edit Contact Info

Click here to to update the contact information that we have in our records for your school or agency.

This section allows you to update the following information about your group:

Keeping this information up-to-date ensures that we have the information necessary to contact you if any issues should come about regarding your participants.

Group Status

If participants will be unable to e-mail for an extended period, this section will allow you to temporarily suspend these matches and notify the e-Buddies staff. It is important that e-Buddies staff are aware that participants are still available to participate in e-Buddies to ensure that none of your matches are ended in error.

The Group Status section allows you to suspend matches individually, or to suspend the whole group at once.

For more details, please click here.

Change Password

This option allows you to change the password that was automatically assigned to your group.

The password assigned to your group was randomly generated. It may be easier to remember if you change it to something more familiar, and we encourage you to pick something unique that will be more secure. It is also a good security measure to periodically change your password.

If you do change your password, please be sure to keep track of what your current password is. If you lose your password, please contact us.