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Group Application

Using the Group Application is highly recommended if you are a special education teacher or a support service staff person for persons with an intellectual disability, even if you plan to only sign up one participant. Here's why:

Quick and Easy

The Group Application is the easiest and quickest way to sign up your group of participants for e-Buddies. Like all e-Buddies sign ups, the Group Application is submitted electronically via the website. There is no need for hard copies of paperwork, and your application will be instantly received.

First, you must simply indicate whether or not your group is a school, then provide basic contact info for your school or agency, as well as the names of the persons who will be running the group (of which, you will probably be one). This is all you need to create your group profile.

Once you have created a group profile, you can add participants to your group immediately using the abbreviated Groups Participant application at the end of the group application, or you can wait to add participants to your group later through the Group Administrator.

If your participants require consent from a parent or guardian, we highly recommend that you receive permission prior to signing up your participants.

Added Safety and Control

Using the Group Application will allow you to gain access to the participant tracking and safety features in the Group Administration Tool. For more information on the e-Buddies Group Administrator area, please click here.

Please click here to get started with the Group Application.

Note: the Group Application and Administrator should ONLY be used to sign up groups of special education students and participants with an intellectual disability. We are not currently accepting groups of general education students and other volunteer participants who do not have an intellectual disability.