Best Buddies

Group Status

If your participant will be unable to e-mail for an extended period (more than a couple of weeks), please indicate this in the Group Status section of your group profile. Doing so will allow you to temporarily suspend matches for participants that will be unable to e-mail.

To do so, simply indicate the date range that the participant will be unable to e-mail. This will help ensure that the e-Buddies staff is aware that this participant is still available to participate in e-Buddies, but is simply unable to e-mail temporarily. This will ensure that none of your matches are ended in error.

Participants can still send and receive e-mails when their match is suspended, and are encouraged to do so.

The Group Status section also allows you to suspend matches individually, or to suspend the whole group at once.

If you have any further questions, please click here to contact an e-Buddies staff member.