Best Buddies

Match Problems

When a participant in your group has been tagged as a "Match Problem," this simply indicates that it has been longer than 3 weeks since either that participant or their e-Buddy last wrote an e-mail.

On your Group Roster, please check the date of the e-mail that was last sent by your participant to make sure that your participant has sent an e-mail within the last 3 weeks. If it has been longer than 3 weeks since your participant's last e-mail, please encourage them to send an e-mail at their earliest convenience. If your participant has tried to send an e-mail more recently than the date listed on your group roster page, it is possible that their message was not delivered to their e-Buddy and must be re-sent.

If your participant has e-mailed within the last 3 weeks, but has not heard from their e-Buddy, we still encourage your participant to send an e-mail to their e-Buddy, which will hopefully prompt a new e-mail exchange. The e-Buddies staff will also follow up with the person matched with your participant. If we do not hear back from that person within 3 additional weeks, we will end that match and your participant will be re-matched with a new e-Buddy.

Once both your participant and their e-Buddy have sent e-mails within the last 3 weeks, the match problem tag will be removed from your participant's match automatically within the next 24 hours.

If your participant will be unable to e-mail for an extended period, you can indicate this in the Group Status section. This will allow you to temporarily suspend matches for participants that will be unable to e-mail, and will help ensure that none of your matches are ended erroneously.

If you have any further questions, please click here to contact an e-Buddies staff member.