Best Buddies

How e-Buddies Works

The e-Buddies Commitment

e-Buddies agree to e-mail each other at least once a week for the duration of one year.

Joining e-Buddies

Signing up for e-Buddies is simple. Below are the basic steps for getting started with e-Buddies.

Submit Application
Fill out an online application for the participant.

Each applicant must supply three (3) references.

Parental consent is required for all applicants under the age of 18.

Once the application is approved, e-Buddies staff begin to work on matching the participant. e-Buddies are matched based on age, gender and shared interests.

Once the participant is matched s/he can begin e-mailing her/his e-Buddy.

Sending and Receiving Messages

To contact his/her e-Buddy, participants send e-mails to Our e-mail system will automatically forward the message to the e-Buddy. E-mails from the participant's e-Buddy will be delivered to the inbox from . To respond, simply reply to that message.

The e-Buddies Community

Once an application is approved, the participant receives access to the e-Buddies Community found on Here participants can communicate on our message boards where members come together and discuss their favorite topics.